True Value Chains

True Value Chains

Amy Kay Pavlovich, owner of Connected Fair Trade, recently wrote about the power of connection between individuals and organizations committed to making this world a better place. She featured True Roots consultant Summer Lewis and her former student employee Azmina Karim in her blog post, “Amazing Friends of Amazing Friends”:

“Fair Trade brings like minded people around the world together.  Sometimes it is through the short business chain of producers, importing partners and retailers.  Sometimes, as in this case, it is through friends of friends of friends. 

Summer (center) with AUW student employees Nasima Akter (left) and Azmina Karim (right)
Azmina Karim speaking at Harvard University with Connecther

When we first moved back to Kansas almost four years ago I was told by numerous people that I should meet Summer Lewis.  Summer is from Manhattan, Kansas, and that anyone would think we are alike is a major complement to me.  She has worked for Equal Exchange, the Asian University for Women and is now a consultant on international development projects, with a focus on coffee and gender.  She’s lived more than half her life abroad and currently resides in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Check out her consulting company for a major boost.

From our friends in common, Summer and I became facebook friends.  She kindly shared something about our store and one of her friends from her time at the Asian University for Women took note.  Summer introduced us; one in Kansas and the other in Bangladesh.

I have never met Summer or our now common friend Azmina Karim in person, but I know that I admire and respect these ladies.  They are each talented go-getters, I tell you.”

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