“Developing Projects for Deep Impact” Presentation, Rotary World Peace Conference (Ontario, California)

“Developing Projects for Deep Impact” Presentation, Rotary World Peace Conference (Ontario, California)

Based on True Roots’ expertise in effective project planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation, consultant Summer Lewis was invited to present at the Rotary World Peace Conference in Ontario, California. The event brought together more than 1,500 attendees, and 150 speakers in the fields of peace, development, education, law, business, and health care led over 100 breakout sessions. Summer’s presentation, “Developing Projects for Deep Impact”, provided insights based on her 15-plus years of experience in international development and her work with True Roots Consulting Group. Summer shared stories and detailed tips on how to effectively plan, manage, and measure the impact of a social responsibility project, with an eye to long-term, meaningful impact.

“Nobody starts a project with the goal of failure. But like going on a hike or a long car journey, you wouldn’t set off without taking the time to carefully prepare and equip yourself—making sure you know your desired destination, how far you have to go, and proactively planning for some of the roadblocks along the way. Likewise, planning and implementing projects requires a lot of thought, energy, and patience. There is an art to it—but it’s also not rocket science. With the right tools and guidance, you can carefully design a new project or refine an existing project to ensure it creates positive change and is sustainable.”

More than 60 people attended Summer’s breakout session, many of whom are Rotarians involved in Rotary projects related to peace and conflict resolution, maternal health and disease prevention, clean water, literacy, poverty eradication, and environmental protection. Heather Frankle, Rotarian and humanitarian, who has written more than 25 grants for various nonprofit organizations said: “The presentation [Summer] made on projects was the most complete…and the easiest to follow that I have ever seen. It was impressive. I would recommend it for beginning grant writers as well as seasoned project managers.”

True Roots Consulting Group provides the support and guidance necessary to transform “good intentions” into great projects with long-lasting, positive impact. Contact Summer directly to learn more about personalized training and coaching in effective project planning, management, and monitoring and evaluation for your organization, business, or Rotary club.

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